I Went Shopping

I did a thing today. Something they tell you not to do when you are trying to lose weight. I may have purchased a few articles of clothing that I wouldn't normally wear right now, hoping to drop a couple of pounds and look decent in them by the cruise. I got this one piece... Continue Reading →

Help! I’m Going on a Cruise and Need To Lose Weight!

Here we are, about to go on a cruise again and I'm still the same weight as I was when I started this blog several years ago. I keep thinking that I am enough, that my knowledge of health and exercise is enough to just lose the weight, but it is so much more than... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolutions are BS!

It is 16 days into this new year and I still haven't written any New Year Resolutions. You know why? Because they are bullshit. Every year countless people fall victim to the BS of deciding to make changes in your life when this particular day comes around. But what about the rest of the year?... Continue Reading →

Coming Back to Life

It has been months since I quit my job and I am just now coming back to life. I spent a greater part of the first couple of months binge watching Scrubs, This Is Us, The Twilight Saga and eating a lot but lost about 10 pounds though so that can't be terrible. Then the... Continue Reading →

Happy One Month Anniversary

OK my one month workiversary was probably last week but I don't have all the time in the world anymore between this blog, the t-shirts and the YouTube channel with my husband. At least I don't hurt that much like I did the first couple of weeks. I take that back. I do have a nasty... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

On Monday I did something that I swore I would never do again... and I love it!!! I was so scared of many things. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to handle it with my back being in the condition that it is. I was scared to death that my fat ass wouldn't... Continue Reading →

How to Make Healthy Soup at Work

Not feeling well but still have to go to work? Today we are going to make a quick and easy soup that isn't canned or in a bag.   There can be different variations to this soup depending on your taste and your supermarket's selection. Start with the stock. Choose whichever you prefer. I went... Continue Reading →

Best Mahi Mahi Fajitas Recipe

You will need the following ingredients 2 filets of mahi mahi 6 soft taco shells 4 cloves of garlic 1/2 bell pepper 1/2 white onion 1 portobello mushroom cap 3 limes 1/2 stick butter panko bread crumbs cilantro salt and pepper taco seasoning cinnamon 1 ripe tomato 2 TBSP red onion 1 small jalapeno 1... Continue Reading →

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