Goals, Jewelry and Cruises

Community is important and I would love for you to be a part of my life changing journey to meet my short term weight loss goal for our cruise in August, long term weight loss goal, surviving the holidays with my big Italian family without gaining the weight back, maintaining overall physical and emotional health in life and balancing home and work life.

Goals: Get as close to 190lbs as possible; and,
Fit into three of my old evening gowns and my bathing suit from my slimmer days.

My brother’s wedding 2011

Deadline:  Our Royal Caribbean cruise embarking July 31, 2016.

Rewards: Robert, the love of my life, said if I accomplish my goals by embarkation day, he will buy me an expensive piece of jewelry I can wear on the cruise. There are 3 formal nights and I can’t afford 3 new dresses. I have a closet full of gorgeous evening gowns that are too small.
Also, I want nice photos on my first cruise!

Current diet:
Alcoholic beverages 1-2 a day about 4-5 times a week;
2-3 cups of coffee a day (I use almond milk though);
Grilled wings;
Dumplings (chicken and veggie from Costco, omg amazing);
Spinach artichoke dip;
Grilled shrimp;
Green beans;
Chicken sandwich on a French roll and soup M-F for lunch (with arugula and red onion);
Egg and cheese on an English muffin about every morning (with arugula and red onion);
Chinese food on Saturdays;
French toast, eggs, bacon and sausage almost every Sunday for brunch;
Sometimes smoothies in the AM (banana, OJ, pineapple juice, strawberry, chia seeds, almonds, honey, carrots);

Current lifestyle:
Jet Skiing on Sundays; and,
Walking on the boardwalk Sunday nights and then get a pizza or burger with lots of rum runners. So it probably cancels each other out doesn’t it?

Uhm… That’s pretty much it…

How can I change my diet:
Alcoholic beverages: only red wine;
Make smoothies a little more often in replace of the breakfast sandwich;
Minimize the red meat to once or twice a month;
Stop the Chinese food on Saturdays;
Include way more vegetables with my meals;
Have just soup for lunch sometimes instead of the sandwich;
Eat more snacks. Stock up my office with fruits and nuts and other healthy things I can snack on in between meals so I don’t go hungry and stuff my face when I get home with bread and cheese and whatever is quick in the fridge;
Go for the healthier choice at the restaurant. Just because Robert is getting the medium rare burger with all the fixings doesn’t mean I have to as well;
Eat things like brown rice or quinoa instead of pasta;
Stop putting cheese on everything;
Don’t eat late; and,
Cut way down on the carbs!

How can I change my lifestyle:
Yoga and other workout videos daily when I come home from work; and
Jump off the jet ski and swim on Sundays

What started this: I was having pain in my upper right abdomen for a week when I decided to go to urgent care. The ultrasound said I had a fatty liver and doctor told me to go to my primary care for further study. Robert and I freaked out for days until my visit! Turned out that the ultrasound was clear and my doctor said “Of course you have a fatty liver, you are overweight…” it wasn’t my fatty liver causing the pain, it was either gastritis (also something that happens to fat people) or muscle strain. I really began to worry about my health and if I were in better shape I could have avoided missing work and paying all this money for tests and visits. (I now have health insurance thanks to a great boss who is contributing a good amount towards it).

My motivation:
I don’t want to get depressed when I look in the mirror;
The only clothes that fit me at the stores are ugly;
I don’t want to get winded with I go up a flight of stairs;
I want to fit into all my old clothes and shoes again;
I don’t want my back to hurt anymore (I have a herniated disk);
It’s hard to find nice bras in my size;
I want to be healthy and live longer for:
    – Robert
    – Aria, my baby niece
    – My future children
    – And most importantly, ME
I want to show off my badass chef tattoo;
I don’t want to be over the weight limit when riding on the back of Robert’s motorcycle. I don’t want to have to worry about being over the weight limit for anything at all! That’s so embarrassing!

I always tell people that I’m pretty healthy overall I just like to eat too much. Now that I took the time to write it all out I can clearly see that is not true. That’s just a lie I tell to everyone including myself to justify why I let myself get this far. Starting this project really helped me see how unhealthy I am. I will weigh in, measure my lovely lady lumps, take a picture every week and share the occasional video to track my progress. I will also share great recipe ideas and how to shop and plan your menus effectively and realistically.

I can’t wait to see and feel the results!

This isn’t going to be easy. But I told everyone that I’m going to do it so now I have to!

Begining of Week 1:
Dress Size – 16 ok I’m mostly an 18 but fit into some 16’s
Bra Size – 38DDD
Shoe Size – 11
Weight – 262 lbs
Waist –39 in
Hips – 51 1/2 in
Arms – 15 3/5 in
Thighs – 30 1/2 in

May 7
May 7, 2016 – Margaritaville, Hollywood, FL


See you next week!


8 thoughts on “Goals, Jewelry and Cruises

Add yours

  1. Apples, cut out the sugar. Go Vegan! Cholesterol in meats is chlosterol in you. Fatty liver/ fatty heart= a heart attack. You can do it. For lunch walk around the block- take water- you can do it!
    You want to be in great health when the babies start coming. You can’t even imagine how tired kids make you.
    No beer!!!! In the pic you are holding a huge beer- that in itself is the worst! No alcohol. Alcohol turns into sugar. I will be all over you now- watch out! Lol


  2. Apple! You rock! I’m so proud of you!! You’re strong inside and out, I know you can do it!
    I’m sure you’re going to get tons of unsolicited advice, so let me add to it. :)) Definitely say goodbye to sugar! Good fats don’t make you fat, sugar makes you fat…
    I recommend a ketogenic/paleo type diet. When you set your body up to burn fat instead of sugar, you hardly feel hungry anymore. It’s awesome, at least for me. 🙂
    Here’s a really great read…
    I love you! Call me whenever you need some moral support.


    1. OMG I know! Thank God I don’t have a sweet tooth but the pasta, bread, pizza ect. 😦
      Thank you auntie Lella! Love you too!


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