Motivation Tip #1 – Display Your Motivation Around The House

a231de2c080b73049cd362f98c247b27Go in the back of your closet, pull out that pair of jeans you haven’t been able to get past your hips, and get that little black dress out too. Pick something you’ll look forward to wearing and hang them somewhere that will force you to see them every day.

Pulling it out of the closet is a visual reminder of the goal you’re trying to accomplish and putting it on display is a great daily motivator.


Then go to that box of old photos. Remember that time when you thought you were fat? Take that one, and others if you have them, and display them in as many spots as possible, such as at your desk, on your dresser or in your kitchen.

When I thought I was fat

Make sure one of the places is on your refrigerator door. So when you are about to snack on something when you shouldn’t, or if your about to make dinner, it will remind you to go for the healthier option. They will serve as a constant reminder of how you used to look and of the fact that your current weight is unacceptable.

I went a step further and tried on some of the dresses I am hoping to fit into for our cruise.



This is how that red Ralph Lauren fit when I bought it…



This will certainly make me want to put back whatever I was about to take out of the fridge and go for a walk.

But be forewarned, the first few weeks of seeing yourself in your former glory might make you depressed and cause the opposite effect: discouragement. However, once you get over feeling sorry for yourself, the anger will set in and you’ll be on your way.





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