I’m Closer Than I was Yesterday.

I’m pretty stubborn and set in my routine so I figured it would take me a few weeks of struggling and emotional ups and downs but I’m getting there. I feel like I’m really getting on the track I want to be on. I honestly don’t know how Rob put up IMG_20160610_224813-ANIMATION.gifwith me the past two weeks. It wasn’t perfect by any means. I still got pretty toasted at my friends 80’s theme birthday party. We didn’t want to eat there so we left to get some beer and juicy bacon cheeseburgers.

Deciding to not weigh and measure all the time really reduced a lot of stress but I couldn’t help but think all week that I am not even close to reaching my 1st goal (which is to drop 1 dress size by my birthday). That I may not reach either of them in the time I’ve given myself and I was sort of OK with that. What I have to understand is that this is a lifestyle change not a crash diet. I need to re-learn the way I live on a day to day basis. That means the emotional part too. What do I do when I get into a fight with Rob and I just really need some comfort? No, not make up with him and ask him to comfort me! He needs to be put in time out and think about what he did! I need an extra cheesy pizza with delicious greasy pepperoni topped with lots of salty chips and binge watch Netflix.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s hard and just like anything, you have to work at it and try really hard to get the results you want.  

Iee9b78fc37e79d75898bf3f10e3001e122t took me forever to finally quit smoking for good. But this time it stuck! After years of failed attempts I finally did it. Everything had to be in place for it to work for me. I really wanted to this time. To be honest, Rob (and the thought of our possible future together) was really a great motivation for me. That and I couldn’t hide the smell from him anymore! Every time I wanted to light one up his face flashed in my head, the idea that I finally found someone I wanted to have kids with kept making me feel so guilty about hurting my body after every puff. I learned in my Psychology of Drugs and Addiction class back in college that cigarettes are one of the most addictive substances and one of the hardest to quit. That is only takes 2 weeks to get the physical addiction out of your system but a year for the mental and it is only 20% physically addictive. That means 80% of the addiction is mental! Quit smoking was probably one of my greatest accomplishments. So if I can do that I can do anything! Just writing this is getting me all pumped. I think I hear “The Eye of the Tiger”

I have 2 wonderful accomplishments that I am so excited to share!

I went to the store Sunday to buy a new pair of jeans and picked out some shorts too. I IMG_20160620_175005
grabbed them in size 18 and I also got the 16s, just for fun to see how tight they were. Well… the 18s were to big and the 16s fit just right! In fact, I went home and washed my new pair of jeans and didn’t have to play the bend and squat game to get them to go up and button, they fit perfectly!


I got into a fight with Rob the other day and I didn’t stuff my face to soothe my emotions! It could have something to do with not having junk food in the house anymore but this time we talked it through, I cried it out, took a shower, made up and I asked him to hug me instead of asking a large pepperoni pizza to comfort me to try and make me feel better.

Let me tell you how amazing hugs are:

  • Reduces the worry of mortality
  • Stimulates oxytocin
  • Lowers heart rate
  • Stimulates dopamine
  • Stimulates serotonin
  • Balances out the nervous system
  • Enhances immune system
  • Reduces stress

To read more about it check these article out:
The physiological benefits of hugging
The Health Benefits of Hugging


“I couldn’t help but think all week that I am not even close to reaching my 1st goal. That I may not reach either of them in the time I’ve given myself and I was sort of OK with that.”

I was sort of OK with that? I shouldn’t be OK with that! That’s letting the negative win. Letting the fear of failure take over and accepting it! If I just believed in myself a little more maybe I would have already been down the one dress size weeks ago. But you know what, I still did it before my 1st goal deadline when I didn’t think I could. That feels pretty good.





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