I Feel Comfort in The Uncomfortable


Young beautiful women with apples looking at cookies

Who am I for anyone to listen to but a woman struggling to be better. At best I can be someone to relate to so you know you are not alone. I express what most are afraid to share. I don’t even want to hear my own story most of the time because they are excuses most of the time. Maybe I lost interest or perhaps I’m just too comfortable with the pain. I can always count on him, he has always been there. I feel comfort in the uncomfortable because it’s uncomfortable to feel comfortable.

After a while life that way just became the norm. It’s so easy crawling into a bed of freshly changed sheets. It feels so warm and smells so nice. That always gives me the chills. Stay in bed for too long and how does it feel? I know I get achy, more tired and my head starts to hurt. I probably should get up but I’m just so tired! 

When I started this blog in May I made a list of goals for mysethe-ringlf and my amazing boyfriend decided he would help motivate me by rewarding me with an expensive piece of jewelry if I met them by the time we took our cruise: Goals, Jewelry and Cruises. I really wanted that reward! I was hoping that this expensive piece of jewelry was The Ring. I mean how nice would that have been?! A balcony stateroom on a romantic 7 day Royal Caribbean cruise. It couldn’t have been a more perfect fantasy.


Week 6


Excuse after excuse it was week 6, I had barely lost one pant size and my greatest accomplishment was that I got into an argument with Robert and I didn’t emotional binge eat. (I’m Closer Than I was Yesterday.) Who was I kidding? I was too comfortable to change. I start lots of things and never finish them. Ask my mom, she will tell you all about it! I’m definitely a starter. It’s a thing…  


“When we focus on progress made, we’re also more likely to try to achieve a sense of “balance” by making progress on other important goals. This is classic Good Starter behavior — lots of pots on the stove, but nothing is ever ready to eat.

If, instead, we focus on how far we have left to go (to-go thinking), motivation is not only sustained, it’s heightened. Fundamentally, this has to do with the way our brains are wired. To-go thinking helps us tune in to the presence of a discrepancy between where we are now and where we want to be. When the human brain detects a discrepancy, it reacts by throwing resources at it: attention, effort, deeper processing of information, and willpower.”

By: Heidi Grant Halvorson
Harvard Business Review – How to Become a Great Finisher

Apparently it’s a very common problem. After all, David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity wouldn’t be a huge bestseller if people could easily figure out how to get things done on their own.


Lets see…


Week 1 – May 10, 2016
Weight: 262

Week 17 – September 6, 2016
Wight: 264

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that I accomplished  poop

I guess I will never know if the ring was the “expensive piece of jewelry” I was supposed to get.


New Goals

Working out, eating healthy and losing weight is no fun! New goals, self-love and happiness. The rest will follow.

My Plan:

  • Buy a size 14 outfit for Robert’s Birthday;love-yourself
  • Set up my garden again;
  • Buy a size 12 outfit for Thanksgiving;
  • Learn Calligraphy;
  • Buy a size 10 outfit for Christmas Eve;
  • Learn how to dance West Coast Swing;
  • Get a good night’s sleep (because I’m almost certain that is directly influencing my weight and mood!);
  • Fix my credit; and,
  • Save up to buy some real estate.


Buy a size 14 outfit for Robert’s Birthday
Deadline: October 24 

Robert’s birthday last year (yes that’s a Chewbacca mask)

C’mon I have over 5 weeks to do this! That’s 41 days! I can throw on a yoga video once in a while when I come home from work instead of having a pita chips in spinach artichoke dip.

Also, working on my next goal will help…

Set up my garden again
Deadline: November 1

Tomato season begins in October for Florida. Well, pretty much any season starts after the summer here. Lets set this yard up!

The possibilities are endless!



Buy a size 12 outfit for Thanksgiving
Deadline: November 24

This picture is on Facebook! I don’t want another year of pictures like this.

Thanksgiving last year (2015)

Learn Calligraphy
Deadline: December 1


I want to learn this by Christmas time so we can send out our first holiday cards!

I’m off to a pretty good start. Maybe I’ll order a dip set this week!




Buy a size 10 outfit for Christmas Eve
Deadline: December 24

Christmas last year (2015)

Look at that butt in those size 18 slacks. Lookin fabulous! That’s Christmas Eve for us. So much food! The huge bowl of homemade pasta is on the other side of the table.

Learn how to dance West Coast Swing

I’m not giving myself a deadline for this one. I just think it is something fun that we can do together, get some exercise and maybe meet some new people. It will help shed some pounds and keep us active.

Get a good night’s sleep

Also not giving myself a deadline for this. I just need to sleep better all the time. I’m img_20160109_163107almost certain that is directly influencing my weight and mood! Working out and eating healthy are also contributing to the bad sleep. So do these little one. Scratching on the door always wanting to sleep in the bed.

Fix my credit
Deadline: 1 year

I got into a mess back in college and have been trying to clean in up 11 years later. I have been working on it for the past 6 months but not that hard… I have to pay down those student loans because they are killing my scores.

The main motivation for fixing my credit is to…



Save up to buy some real estate
Deadline: 1 year

Not a big house with a yard and a picket fence. I want some income property and I don’t want to have a big mortgage.



It’s time to be an adult and be the best person I can be so I can teach my future children to be amazing little people who can contribute in a great way to society!  

Who’s with me?




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