Doing Home Remodeling? Good luck trying to shop around for the best price.

Doing Home Remodeling? Good luck trying to shop around for the best price.

It is real difficult to find two stores that carry the same product to be able to compare

Who lives like this?

pricing. We recently moved to one of my parents houses. The tenants before us destroyed the place and we knew this was going to be project and a half but I didn’t think it was going to be this bad!

Look at the front door!

It’s going on two weeks now and only the bedroom is partially ready. The bathroom is being worked on now and what a disaster that’s become! The bathtub has been removed and is going to be replaced with a shower and space for the washer and dryer to be stacked next to it. I insisted the tiles be replaced because they were hideous with these weird dots all over them and I am glad they did. They found rotted wood in the walls. Then the shower was leaking. Silver lining, we have a little more time to shop around for the vanity, tiles and accessories such as the towel holders ect.

We started looking for a bathroom vanity at Home Depot because they are huge and close by. They didn’t have anything that I wanted in stock within our butget (or even slightly over). I finally found something decent at a reasonable price and none of the stores would have it in for a few weeks. Then someone gave me the genius idea to check Lowes. We needed 30in and Lowe’s had the same design but in either 27in or 31in and about $10 cheaper for the 31in. There is no way to shop around for better pricing because you can not compare apples to apples. Luckily the wall was build with enough space to fit the 31in vanity so at least that worked out.

FYI: When you file a change of address with USPS they give you all sorts of junk coupons but a 10% off at Lowe’s coupon was in the envelope! I saved $43 on my total purchase.

Below are the best matches I could find:

Picture links to item

The Home Depot

30 inches
Composite Vanity Top

Not in stock for weeks at any store within 100 miles from me




Picture links to item


31 inches
Cultured Marble Top

$10.00 cheaper than Home Depot and I like the sink better.




Picture links to item

FREE Shipping for Prime members
24 inches
No idea what kind of sink it is

Way more expensive than the other 2

Temporarily out of stock

Amazon totally failed this time.  But I’m not so sure Amazon is always the cheapest for items like this. I think they are just the most convenient, especially if you have a prime membership (which was amazing during Christmas!).

 Home Depot and Lowe’s are not owned by the same company nor is Lowe’s the ex-wife of the Owner of Home Depot.

Lowe’s won for this trip. Since I had the 10% coupon I decided to buy the faucet and a kitchen faucet while I was there. Tonight we look for tiles and other accessories like the towel holder and curtain rod. I’ll use up the rest of my lunch break to see what I can find.

Keep in touch! I’m hopefully going to get a video up of what the house looks like now. The bedroom already got fixed up and painted but when you see the rest of the house I’m sure your imagination can figure out what the bedroom looked like.

 Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!xoxo



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