I Simply Ran Out Of Excuses

I simply ran out of excuses…

…why I am not in better shape. I keep making excuses for my poor eating habits and why I am not exercising. I thought that with moving and remodeling the new place that I wouldn’t need to properly exercise because I would do enough of it in the house. Turned out for the past 5 weeks I have only been doing that on Saturdays. I spend the rest of the week going to Home Depot or Lowe’s, cooking dinner, preparing lunch, doing laundry or just laying down complaining how tired I am because I have a full time job too you know. I haven’t been walking on my lunch breaks anymore and I genuinely believe that is contributing toward my exhaustion.

I was talking to Robert about someone the other day and said “I just don’t get why people know whats good for them and they still don’t do it…” Later than night it finally hit me, I mean like really dawned on me, I DO THE SAME THING! I know whats good for me but I don’t do it. I know exercising will help ease the pain of my herniated disk but I clearly I wont even walk for 15 min on my lunch break. I know I will feel better if I loose the weight. I know I will be pissed if I’m still this big when I have to try on wedding dresses and I know it is ridiculously dangerous for me to have kids and this weight!

We booked our cruise on Tuesday. Why am I bringing that up? Well lets take a look back to when I started this blog. I made my first post on May 10, 2016 titled Goals, Jewelry and Cruises.


Get as close to 190lbs as possible; and,
Fit into three of my old evening gowns and my bathing suit from my slimmer days.


Our Royal Caribbean cruise embarking July 31, 2016.


Robert, the love of my life, said if I accomplish my goals by embarkation day, he will buy me an expensive piece of jewelry I can wear on the cruise.

There are 3 formal nights and I can’t afford 3 new dresses. I have a closet full of gorgeous evening gowns that are too small.

Also, I want nice photos on my first cruise!

A couple photos from the cruise in August 2016

Obviously I didn’t make it and I can come up with plenty of excuses why (some may be kinda valid) but, at the end of the day… I didn’t try hard enough. 

So today, I ate my lunch at my desk, I got up from my “hole,”  went to Riverwalk, I walked for 20 minuets and it felt amazing! That’t all I have to do… keep getting back up when I fall down.

So, lets try this again.

Cruise countdown:

156 days  =  5 months and 3 days  =  22 weeks and 2 days.

Realistically I can loose about 40 pounds by then right? Who’s with me?

Wish me luck! Happy St. Patrick’s day!



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