7 Easy Ways to Start Changing Your Lifestyle

6fd31528265e3c0ab6603b6da05dbbc7Don’t try to change your lifestyle all at once. The odds of you going back to your old unhealthy habits are much higher if you try to do it that way. Little by little eliminate or replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones. That can go for a lot of things in your life but today we will talk about diet. Write up a list of things you can start with. As you accomplish one then move on to the next one. I can’t stress enough that this should be your new lifestyle and not a binge diet. Do it right the 1st time and it will last. I had a friend tell me several years ago “Slow and steady wins the race.” I think she was giving me relationship advice at the time because I was around 19 years old but those words still echo in my head 12+ years later. Here is a great start:

Onealmond milk.png

Replace milk in your coffee or tea with almond milk or any other dairy-free alternative. Since I cut out the milk and creams I get kinda sick when I do have them. 11 Benefits of Almond Milk You Didn’t Know About



Don’t have a cocktail with your partner every time he has one. You don’t need to keep up. I’ve been felling a lot better since I started doing this.



Eat your meals on smaller plates. Put all the big plates away or sell or donate them. It will reduce the tenancy to fill your plate with to much food. I was always raised to finish all my food in my plate but it’s OK to not fill like you haven’t eaten in days. Because of the move and remodel, we haven’t had an oven in a while so every meal is at my moms. Guess what, she put all her huge plates in boxes the first time she heard this same bit of advise and all we use are the luncheon plates, even for dinner. It really works! So, if I want more I have to get up and walk to the kitchen to get seconds and I usually don’t to spare the embarrassment.


NO SODA! Seriously, we all know its bad for you. My rule is: I wont have soda unless there is rum in it. Which goes back to # 2. Slow it down. Reduce the intake.


Five sugar-3-640x480.jpg

Reduce the amount of sugar in your coffee or tea. You will eventually get used to it and when you put to much sugar you wont like the taste. Same goes for salt.



Snack Snack Snack! My BIGGEST problem is being too busy or not having anything decent around to snack on. Then comes the next meal time and I’m STARVING! What’s the first thing we do? Stuff our faces with crap! Keep snacks around. Fruit is my favorite since I’m not much of a sweets person I don’t know how else I get my fruit; nuts and seeds are great because you don’t need to refrigerate them; carrots and hummus; celery and peanut butter; and the list can go on. Doing this will ease your hunger and you will have a clear head to eat a reasonable meal later.

Seven veg.jpg

Less meat, more vegetables. I always hear people tell me “Wow I don’t really like [insert vegetable here] but I really like the way you made them.” I always respond “because you’ve never had anyone make it right!” Vegetables actually can taste good ya know! OK maybe I’m bragging just a little but I am a professionally trained chef. I didn’t just go to school for it, I actually worked as a chef for years so maybe I have a little bit of bragging right. But to be honest, knowing good recipes is not that hard. Someone just has to teach you. I’ve known how to make some good ass broccoli since I was a little girl thanks to my mom.


Side note: Keep in touch, I will start sharing some quick and easy recipes real soon. Just have to finish with my house remodel first. Ugh! The before remodel video will hopefully be posted this week! Nursing a cold right now.

OK I think I have filled our heads with plenty of things to start with, but don’t limit yourself to just the items above. Think about your current situation and what you know you can eliminate or replace and add it to your list!

You know it will make you feel better!

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit.

What’s stopping you?


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