Our Little Diamond In The Rough

Life has been ridiculously chaotic for the past month or so. Remodeling this house has been more exasperating than we expected. The bedroom and bathroom are finally done pending some decorations and adding the towel bar and toilet paper holder. We have been fighting a flea and tick infestation that I think we finally are almost at the end of.

The bathroom before the walls got painted.

I treated the yard and I feel like it helped a little but we also have been spraying almost every day and then finally bombed the place. Fleas have become minimal and the last time I saw a tick was a couple days ago. I think one more treatment in the yard and bomb in the house should do it. Our poor dogs have been at my parents this whole time and still got infested with fleas from the yard. My sister-in-law recommended these collars and insisted they work better than advantage or front-line or any seresto.pngthing else they have tried. To be honest, it’s amazing! I noticed it working within a couple days.

The living room floor is completely exposed. There was a bulge in the middle of the living IMG_0090.PNGroom and dining room. It was so noticeable that when it was measured there was a 4 inch difference from the center of the bulge to the edge of the living room. I’m willing to bet that in 1949, when the house was built, pressure treated wood did not exist because the floor collapsed from rotting. At least now we know where the horrible smell and all the bugs were coming from.

Every wall and ceiling needed to be scrubbed, patched, repaired and of course painted.


Thankfully the tenants before them put this shelf protecting sticker throughout all the kitchen cabinets. They are almost new. I’m so glad it was a nice and thick sticker because I am not sure how much more of this I can tolerate if we needed a new kitchen too.

To see some good before footage of the house 2 weeks into remodeling, watch the video below. It’s nuts!



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