I Can’t Believe Sex & The City Is My Inspiration

I’m proud to announce that I’ve come up with an amazing idea and finally got my 2 cousins on board to work out with me!

Marie, Sarah and I were texting about dinner plans for Friday. It was Sarah’s birthday that day and Marie and I were telling her the joys of the years to come. Then we went from the subject of weddings, to binge watching Sex & the City to a light-bulb turning on in my head.

I have been trying to loose weight for a while now and for those of you who have been following, it hasn’t been the easiest for me. I think it’s been a combination of my love for food, work being pretty stressful, the motorcycle accident and the lifestyle Robert and I live full of beer, burgers and just not as physically active as I would like to be. And trying to get the girls together to work out with me hasn’t been that easy. I work M-F 9-5, Sarah just graduated with her bachelors and Marie has a husband and works retail hours.

Nothing seemed to motivate us to get together like something as boring as working out. So when we began to gab about watching Sex & the City again that’s when the light-bulb turned on. I should have them over at least a couple times a week, prepare a work out regiment and binge watch Sex & the City while we are doing it. And I know they are serious this time because we were actually comparing work schedules to start next week!

They don’t know this yet but I ordered this for all of us to make it just a little more silly, fun and the keep the excitement going:


We start next week and I am really excited about this! Sarah is getting married next year and if I get engaged anytime soon we need to look good for those pictures! Also, we haven’t been hanging out as much as we used to so this will give us a chance to catch up on gossip. And finally, I really believe this will help us feel better about ourselves and be happier, better and feel prettier.

I have some fun ideas so keep in touch and follow our progress!

In the mean, time Robert and I will continue to ride our bikes to the beach a few times a


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