Exercise & the City

We will start nice and easy tonight. Focusing more on stretching and doing a light workout. I know Robert and I have been biking a lot to the beach these days but I don’t know what the girls have been up to so I don’t want to push to hard just yet.

If you take a look online, there really is so much information and work out regiments that it’s ridiculous! So, no sense to even think about re-inventing the wheel. Just check out my Pinterest board “Bikini Body”.  lol This should be fun and not crazy stressful work to plan!

Lets Start With Some Basic Stretching



Then Throw in Some Yoga For Beginners



And Finally, a Workout From Women’s Health

This 20-Minute Tabata Workout Beats an Hour on the Treadmill



Click here for the PDF print out of the entire workout

And the most important part!

Every single episode of Sex & The City is free if you have Amazon Prime!!! And we have an extra TV we are not using so I am going to set it up outside. I figure we begin with 2 episodes tonight.

I am so excited to get creative with this. I have a few fun ideas as we go.



The girls are coming over tonight. I’ll let you know how we do! Comment if you decide to try it and tell me how you did!






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