We Made It Through Day 1

Exercise & The City

Day 1

OK, I realize this sounds a little silly and maybe a little ridiculous because I can’t seem to find a way to motivate myself to work out. Marie was texting most of the morning asking if I had something prepared. I could almost feel through her messages how uneasy she was about this. But I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

An important message to the Amazon Prime members. Before I tell you how we did on our first day working out together, I feel I have to tell you something extremely important… You can’t cast to your chrome cast from Amazon Prime Video!

I had the workouts, posted in yesterday’s post Exercise & the City, printed and put in a 3-ring binder. Robert brought the TV outside for me. I made room in the back yard and even set up the mosquito repellent. We laid our yoga mats down, I opened the app, pressed play for season 1 episode 1 and looked for the cast button. I pressed it and it didn’t find my TV! “ROBERT! WHY ISN’T THIS WORKING?” He came out side and asked what I was trying to do. “Of course it doesn’t work. Amazon wants you to buy Amazon Fire TV.” I’m not sure what I’m gonna do now. I feel like Robert’s PlayStation will let me play it.

 Sarah couldn’t make it, but she had a valid excuse. I found episode 1 on YouTube. We threw the 3-ring binder in front of us and just followed the pictures while laughing at the title that said “Yoga For Beginners.”  Some of the poses were difficult. We did what we could and at least tried the hard ones. Before you knew it 26 min had past and we were sweating from just stretching and beginner yoga!

Robert kept passing by pretending he was recording us until finally Marie’s husband got off work and he kept Robert busy watching cars stuff on TV or whatever these boys do. After our water break I looked for episode 2 on YouTube but no luck. So I just played it on my phone and placed it on the 3-ring binder.

Feeling great so far, we were motivated to do anything. We move on to the next portion on the binder that had workouts like squatting to jumping and burpies. Episode 2 past in a instant. We were sweating our butts off, feeling great and all caught up on gossip!

Silly as it sounded at first, it turned out to be a great idea! We weighed ourselves and put it in our period tracker apps for reference and planned to do it again on Friday.

Day 1 complete. It was a total success and excited for the next one. Maybe we should be sipping our water out of martini glasses!


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