Exercise & The City – Day 2

I just could not get Sex & The City to play on my TV no matter what I tried on Friday. We spent a while fiddling with it. I hooked up my lap top to the TV with an HDMI cable and Amazon video wouldn’t play on chrome. I guess some plug in needed to be updated. I go to Internet Explorer and it works when we tested it. I plug the HDMI back in and suddenly the Amazon player was having trouble. Hmmm

Whatever, we were wasting time. I went on YouTube and literally picked the first video that came up when I searched for “exercise.” It was a 30 min workout of basic stuff and it was just perfect. Well the jumping around was too much for the ( . )( . ) but regardless we were sweating, our heart rates were up and we were feeling great! We were also laughing about how we know how good working out feels and teasing ourselves about liking food too much. Despite how sad that really is, we were in a good place and laughing at ourselves about it. Finally for cool down we did a 10 minute beginners yoga.

I’ve been trying to figure out how I can make this a meaningful, deep and life changing post but to be honest life doesn’t always work that way. We won’t always have a pivotal moment that changes our lives. Sometimes we just have to do. Sometimes we just have to stop finding excuses, get off our asses, stop talking about it and just do already. You’re the only one that is stopping you.



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