Happy Father’s Day

img_1309.jpgCruise Countdown: Day 4
64 Days To Go

We took my dad to a Peruvian restaurant and oh my god it was amazing. The only thing I knew about Peruvian food was this one dish an old co-worked made us that was like steak and onions over fries or something. It was great but I just didn’t know what to expect. My oldest brother is also a chef so if he says it is good, then it’s good. And he was right. The menu consisted of a lot of seafood, obviously ceviche, steak and potatoes and I had my fork in everyone’s plate. It’s not like going to an Indian restaurant where you don’t even know how to pronounce most of the spices. The flavors in everything I tried were very familiar and executed property. I really want to go back there – Runa’s.

Today was just another day full of food. We began the day with bagels and lox. Robert took the bike for a spin and met up with some of his buddies. I tried to heat up some of yesterday’s pizza before he got back home but by the time I checked his location, he was already on his way. I felt really bad about that and it kinda set my morning off. If I have to hide something, then why am I doing it in the fist place? I began looking in the mirror so mad at myself and started the self hating crap. When Robert finally came back, he sat on the couch waiting for me to finish breakfast and I took it out on him.

pizzaDinner was my cousins’s mother-in-law’s retirement party and it was at… you guessed it… a pizzeria! Salad, meatballs, wings, pizza and cake! Ugh! Gotta get back up and try again tomorrow!




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