We Almost Got Into A Bar Fight

Cruise Countdown – Day 3 – 65 Days To Go

I spent most of Saturday morning getting 3 MRI’s. The motorcycle accident was in October but I’m am still experiencing pain in my left shoulder and back. I was so relieved to see it was one of those new MRI machine’s that wasn’t a small tunnel. And she gave me something to cover my eyes. It made the 2 hours more endurable.

Lunch was pizza at the Aventura mall. We walked around the whole place. I bought I $13 card for my dad and went home to do some gardening and pull weeds. My mom invited us over for dinner and guest what we ate? Pizza!

We strolled to downtown Hollywood for some liquid dessert. Walked up and down the streets for a little bit until we came across our favorite Irish pub Mickey Byrnes. A band was beginning to set up so naturally we went in and got some beer. A large group of loud young tools were next to where we decided would be the best table to view the stage. Immediately the loudest guy of the group gives Robert the dirtiest look as we were sitting down. With zero respect for our personal space, had his hands on our table and everything. The group of people he was with were pulling him back and making excuses to why he was acting like an asshole. And they were totally enabling him and telling him he’s great and some other bullshit I don’t remember. We look at each other and roll our eyes and both say “what a bunch of tools”

We were just about finished with our first round of beers when the same guy lifts up a bar stool towards our table and hits our table with it. That’s when Robert stood up and as I was trying to hold him back I suggested to the guy that he goes back to his side and not even look at us because he has no idea who he’s messing with. I wasn’t yelling, it was actually very calm and firm. But then the girls came running over trying to fix the situation. It was quite funny actually. The girls just didn’t understand why we were so upset and they were making excuses that he was drunk or some other BS. They’re apologizing for him and I said “listen just stay on your side and leave us alone and we won’t have any problems.” But they don’t seem to like that response. One of the girls asked me why I have to be so aggressive? “Are you serious right now? Your buddy over there came at us with a bar stool and hit our table, you tell me who the aggressive one is? you guys are over here making excuses for him.” this went on for a little while because let me tell you how dumb these girls were. The guy was already apologizing to Robert and we’re becoming friends while these two were still fighting with me. They really didn’t like when I told him to stop talking and let him handle his own battles. When “listen bitch” came out of there mouths I just laughed and tuned them out. I might have also said something along the lines of “OMG you guys are still talking about this?”

All turned out fine and the guy kept coming back to our table to apologize and to tell us to not worry about the girls. He bought us a round of Jameson to patch things up while the girls were squirming in their seats. The night turned out great. The band was an amazing 90’s cover band and really cool guys. We chatted with them when they took their break. Maybe because Robert was the only one that gave them a tip but regardless they were cool – Stereoburn.

Even though I didn’t do a proper work out, all the walking at the mall and walking downtown ended up to be around 7000 steps. I think Robert said he wanted to go out on the jet ski in the morning with his friend so I’ll take that time to do something nice.


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