We All Make Choices

Cruise Countdown: Day 6
62 Days To Go

Every day when you wake up you make the choice on whether you want to be happy that day. You make the choice when you open that refrigerator to satisfy your cravings and your addictions. You make the choice to have that whole bagel with cream cheese and eggs with more cheese and bacon, sacrificing the healthy lifestyle you want to live just for that five minutes of satisfaction for your taste buds. You make the decision when you go to work whether you want to try hard or not. You make the decision whether you want to stay at a dead end job that makes you miserable and affects your whole life just because it’s easy and comfortable. Or you can choose to take the risk at the chance that you just might be happy and succeed. You make the decision on whether you want to pay your bills on time or not and have good credit or not. On whether you want to research ways to consolidate your student loans or keep paying toward interest as your principal balance never lowers. You make the choice whether or not you want to spend your lunch breaks on Facebook or go take a walk. Let’s face it, Facebook isn’t really that interesting but it sure as hell in addiction.

You make that choice, you decide that one is better than the other. For what reason? Sacrificing your health, emotional or physical for the few minutes or half an hour of satisfaction. What’s that saying everyone used to say when I was growing up when you were reaching for the doughnut or the extra cookie? A minute on the lips forever on the hips. Isn’t that really the same concept for the rest of the decisions we make on a day-to-day basis? Do I have just the egg and a banana with a cup of orange juice this morning? Or do I add the bagel and cream cheese too?

What about when it’s time to go home? You open the front door and walk in to a houseful of what? Is there junk everywhere because you made the decision when you went home to lay down and not get up until it’s time to make dinner and then what? Have a beer and go back to the couch just to play on your phone the rest of the evening until its time for bed? Or do you clear out one box every night until the whole living room is finished? Maybe clean one corner of the house or one room of the house at a time until it’s finished. But what are you sacrificing when you are laying down and being idle? Are you really resting while the whole house is a disaster around you? Because when the house is neat and tidy and clean it’s better for your health. Did you know that?

How about that 15 minute exercise you keep talking about doing? What’s better? Resting and refreshing your Facebook feed for the rest of the night while you are damaging your eyes at the same time? Or getting up, throw down your yoga mat and just doing some stretches, a couple of poses, maybe a few crunches and jumping jacks. So what! You’re going to get sweaty. You were probably going to take a shower tonight anyway. While you’re still a little sweaty might as well sweep the floor right? Or you can just go back to the couch and turn the TV on. It’s up to you.

Now it’s Saturday, you had a week full of decisions to make. What are you gonna do today? That yard is getting pretty bad. The basil is dying because you haven’t gone to the store to buy at some fresh soil. The garden you wanted to have isn’t going to grow itself. The weeds are always going to be stronger than your grass unless you pull them. But what do you do instead? Sure it’s fine to sleep in on a Saturday morning. Good for the soul and the snuggle time is great for the relationship, but you eventually have to get up and either fold the clothes that have piled up on your computer chair and overflowing in the laundry basket on the floor. Or you can leave them there and add more close to it while they get wrinkly.

You can do whatever you want! But always remember that with every action there is always a reaction. With every choice you make there is a consequence or a reward. You will never get away from it so choose wisely my friends.

Today I choose to stretch for about about 10 min in the morning to get some blood flowing. I walked about 10 min this afternoon after I had my small chicken sandwich on multi-grain bread with arugula. Then I had a banana as a snack around 3pm. I noticed my tire was flat when when I walked to the car but I chose to let it upset me. Baby steps.


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