Let’s Try Again Tomorrow I Guess…

Cruise Countdown: Day 9
58 Days To Go

It’s finally Friday! How well have I done with my 3 plus pounds a week weight loss goal? Uhm…not so great. I didn’t post Wednesday because I had a headache from hell so you can imagine I didn’t work out either. Thursday I will blame on PMS. I was ridiculously emotional and was fighting with Robert for silly reasons all night. Bottom line, I didn’t do anything.

I came home tonight and weighed myself only to find I’m the same weight. I’m kind of embarrassed. But what did I expect? It’s not like I’ve tried that much harder than I usually do. I only worked out once this week and went for a walk once on my lunch break. Let’s try again tomorrow I guess.

I have decided to start a new hobby that I am really excited about. I can’t wait to share it with you all!

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