Cruise Countdown: Day 10 – 57 Days To Go

Cruise Countdown: Day 10
57 Days To Go

I woke up this morning feeling motivated, and heartburn and a little hungover. I’m almost 32… I can’t drink like I used to. We only had 3 beers last night… and a buffalo chicken sandwich… and mac n cheese… ugh. Like I said, I was motivated this morning to do something. I felt like crap because of yesterday. Aside from all the unhealthy things I put in my body, I was pissed at myself. 8 weeks and a day is all I have left until our cruise. Do you know how depressing it was to not be able to go horseback riding on the beach last year for an excursion? There’s a weight limit to ride the horses and I was (still am) about 20 pounds to heavy. There was also a weight limit in Labadee, Haiti on the Dragon’s tail coaster too so I had to go by myself instead of sharing a cart with Robert. I still didn’t really workout today but I cleaned the house and got my heart pumping.



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