You Have To Learn How to Trick Yourself

Cruise Countdown: Day 12
55 Days To Go

We are humans full of emotions and raging hormones that affect us in different ways at different times. We are not always aware of them and don’t always have control over it. So, you have to figure out a way to trick yourself.

I hate going to the supermarket while I’m hungry. I always get way more than I need and it’s usually on the junk food side. Don’t judge, you know you do this too! That’s just another reason why I hate Monday’s. When I pick up lunch for the week, I end up coming back to the office with a bag of chips, a ready made Italian sub from the deli, mac n cheese and whatever my insatiable cravings need. That’s why I insisted Robert and I go to the supermarket together last night.

You have to learn about yourself, how you get in certain situations and figure out was to work around them. I know I’m not the only one that when hungry, tend to buy more high calorie foods. Read this study No, really – don’t shop when you’re hungry: study. People who had a snack before going shopping choose healthier options and people who were hungry choose more higher-calorie items.

“The body is always trying to defend its state and it makes very logical sense that if you’re going for a period without food, and you’re wanting food, you’re more likely to go for the food that’s high-calorie,” he said. “If we’re needing energy, we’re not going to go out for lettuce.”

I prepared Robert that morning and told him we were going to the supermarket before we went home for the evening. One reason, if I forgot or I was being lazy, he would take us there anyway because he would want a sandwich for lunch today. Another reason because he would stop me from buying the higher-calorie items. It worked out great. We went on the motorcycle so I didn’t have much room haha!



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