Birthday Weekend

Cruise Countdown: Day 26
41 Days To Go

I needed a weekend like the one I had to get me going. And might I add that I am also very proud of myself for not over indulging in cake and other horrible treats this weekend. We had a nice dinner with my family. Not to brag but my mom made wild caught Alaskan salmon stuffed with scallops. yum!



The next morning Robert and I drove up to Orlando hoping to go to Volcano Bay (Universal’s newest water park) but they were already at max capacity by 10 am. So, we contemplated the whole drive up whether we should do Disney. It has been years since either of us have been and … we ended up getting annual passes. Insane I know but we have been going back and forth on the idea for months so we finally just did it.




We didn’t arrive to Orlando area until around 4:30 pm and finally made it to our first stop, Hollywood Studio’s around 6:45 pm. All the running around and then Disney Springs after the park closed was about 13k steps.





We began Sunday bright and early! I think we got to Magic Kingdom close to 10am. That is pretty good considering it takes forever to get there. We stayed until around 4 then ran over to Epcot for a little bit. We went on a couple rides there but just couldn’t take it anymore.



Overall we ate light. That place is a rip off when it comes to food anyway. As sore as I have been I feel great. Not to mention I didn’t fight with Robert the whole weekend!



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