2017 Resolutions Review

My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Lose weight
  2. Take exercising more seriously
  3. Fix my car radio
  4. Stop going from 0-100 in 2 seconds
  5. Clear out the 2nd bedroom
  6. Be nicer to my mom
  7. Get the ring
  8. Find a way to make more money
  9. Learn calligraphy
  10. Get more house plants
  11. Finish what I start


Here’s my end of year review

1.   Lose weight

Nope, maybe about 10 pounds.

2.   Take exercising more seriously

I did a little. I borrowed my parents treadmill and used it a little bit here and there.

3.   Fix my car radio

nope, this didn’t happen either

4.   Stop going from 0-100 in 2 seconds

eh yea this has improved for sure so I’ll say yes to this one. I’ll say I’m maybe at 0-60 in about 45 seconds. That’s progress for sure!

5.   Clear out the 2nd bedroom

We moved to a smaller house so this one is a “kind of.”  And it is sort of related to # 8. We have a storage unit in lieu of the second bedroom. Definitely cheaper than paying rent for a 2 bedroom house just to use the bedroom as storage.

6.   Be nicer to my mom

yep, been doing this. Even if it means to just say “uh huh whatever you say mom” to things I would normally blow up over.

7.   Get the ring

YESSS! I GOT THE RING!!! He proposed on the day before we went on our cruise on the beach! That just made the cruise way more fun.

8.   Find a way to make more money

I have actually been doing this, just a little bit though. But a little bit of something is better than a little bit of nothing! I’ve been selling the good stuff we have been hoarding and NEVER use, on eBay. We were forced to clear out the second bedroom and make it all fit in our smaller house and the storage unit. A lot of stuff had to go, a lot of stuff was old mail?? and a good amount of stuff were things we were able to sell on ebay. Here’s my eBay store.

9.   Learn calligraphy

Nope, stopped caring about this one after about 5 min. I got a cheap calligraphy set on Amazon and you get what you pay for. I wasn’t about to spend all sorts of money on a better set just to see if I would be good at it. It’s a beautiful and dying art and I hope there are people out there who still try to do it. But it’s not for me.

10.   Get more house plants

Yes, they are outside in the back yard lol. I finally re-potted them a few weeks ago but we are still moving things around in the house that it’s just never complete and the plants will probably stay outside until we move to a bigger house, even my poor orchids.

11.   Finish what I start

Still working on this one. Getting better at it though.



I just have to keep on trying.

Here is my resolution for 2018


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