Fat to Fabulous

Happy New Year everyone! It’s almost a week into 2018 and what are our resolutions? To lose weight and feel better about ourselves among other things. Let’s not lose this momentum. Lets go from Fat to Fabulous together. I need some support. Will you all help me? We can all help each other. Who’s with me? My wedding is 104 days away!!!

We can start nice and gentle to help us get into the habit of working out with out hurting ourselves, and then not working out for another week until we recover. We wont be doing any running or jumping or anything that will hurt our joints. The reality is, we are over weight, and all that impact will hurt and even damage our joints. If you are with us and are not that over weight like that but want to shed a few pounds, join us for the support anyway. I will make sure to add different variations in the work out for a more advance level.


Subscribe to the Afternoon’s With Apple’s YouTube Channel where I will begin to work out with you, share my journey and some recipes for healthy eating that way we can all get healthy and lose the weight together.


I think the most important thing to before we begin is to accept the image in the mirror. Accept that we are overweight. We have to accept the reality in order to help ourselves to take all the necessary steps to change it. I have been very athletic my whole life. I played soccer since I was 11 for the city team and then for my high school. I also practiced Tae Kwon Do since I was 7 where I competed a lot and was a junior olympic gold medalist in sparing by the time I was 8 or 9 (I cant remember). The only one from my school to come home with the gold that year. And by the time I wars 11 years old I was 1 belt away from my first degree black belt.

So, the point of going on about how athletic I used to be is that I hurt myself every time I try to start working out again because I never want to accept how much weight I’ve gained. I used to be able to do this and used to be able to do that so I’m going to do it again now, even though I’m 80+ pounds heavier.

Next is to think about your daily routine. One major thing that has always stopped me from working out is time. I always think I won’t have enough time because even though the work out is only 10 or 15 min, you have to factor in the warm up stretching, the cool down stretching and most importantly, the shower. That takes a 15 min workout to about 45 min to an hour. So, when do you take your showers?

If you shower in the morning, then get up 20 min earlier, or stop snoozing and get up at the first alarm (I heard snoozing in the morning makes you more tired and causes some damage to the neurotransmitter connections. I have to research that one more and then I will post about it). That way you can start with a 10-15 min workout and shower as usual.

If you shower at night then figure out if you want to workout before dinner or wait a while after dinner and replace the sitting on the couch flipping through the channels with a work out. You are going to shower before bed anyway so it flows right in. And trust me, working out calms you down from a rough day better than sitting in front of the TV does.

If you have a different schedule then the rest of us boring 9-5ers then you gotta sit down and think about picking a time a few times a week to commit to.

You just have to do it! Just stop thinking about it and do it. Because the moment you think about it to much, the worry and fear sets in. Then you just lost your momentum, and that’s why you fail, that’s why I keep failing. What if I fail? What if they all laugh at me? What if what if what if.

What if I succeed? What if they stand up and applaud?

Monday, January 8th is when my 1st video will be uploaded. Subscribe! I’ll post a link to it on here too.

While we wait, let’s get prepared.

  • Pick a spot in your home, or find a place anywhere you can with enough space
  • Dust off your workout clothes, or buy a couple of things if your budget allows
  • Locate your dumbbells or get creative and find something lightweight you can lift if you can’t afford to buy some right now
  • Let your loved ones know in advance that things are going to start changing so they can be prepared and help support you however they can
  • Get your friends together and support each other
  • Begin a journal, weigh in and take your measurements I‘ll upload one as soon as I finish creating it.





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