Fat to Fabulous – Day 2 Core Workout

It was a nice and easy core workout for day 2. I absolutely didn’t want to record this one. I had a splitting headache all day. It was a Monday, and everyone seemed to be back from vacation mode now. Traffic was horrific coming home because for some reason when just a little sprinkle comes down, everyone in South Florida suddenly forgets how to drive and there were accidents everywhere I looked. To top this Monday off, aunt flow decided she was going to come 2 days early. It wasn’t until around 9pm when I finally crawled out of bed and pushed myself to do this workout. This has been the problem all along though! I’ve been working at this office for years. The stress will never change. The traffic leaving downtown Ft. Lauderdale will never magically get better. People will only get worse at driving down here, and tourists will continue to visit and jam up the streets whether I like it or not. These are always the excuses so I don’t have to work out which is why I went…

…from this:

to this:

You can find my second workout here

The workout wasn’t strenuous. I got a nice sweat from it. The aches and pains I usually have from the herniated disks, and other injuries felt better. My splitting headache went away and exercising while aunt flow is visiting helps with the cramps. Ah all the reasons why working out is great for you. Yet the idea of doing it never seems exciting at the time. Big bowl of mac-n-cheese or a 20 min work out? Choices choices choices. Look at the pictures above and you decide which is the better decision.

Let’s go from fat to fabulous together. When I say fabulous, I mean Sex & the City FABULOUS! Join me!




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