Day 3

Routine usually wins when it’s up against change. It is supposed to be hard though, because if it were easy then everyone would be rich, skinny (or have the body they desire) and happy. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. I want all sorts of things but I don’t want anything to change. I want to be slimmer but I don’t want to cut out the beer, cheese, pasta, pizza, burgers ect. and I don’t want to work out or accept the fact that I’m in my 30s now and it will be just a little bit harder. I want more money to play with but I haven’t changed much about how much I spend and how much we go out to eat. I complain all day long about how I don’t like my career and would love to be a stay at home mom when the kids come but don’t want to sacrifice my free time to build up a side hustle. It looks like I don’t really deserve all the things that I want.

Do you know who deserves to have the body they want, the career they are happy with and be financially stable? The one who does the work! The one who sacrifices that hour refreshing their feed on whatever social media that’s popular now. The one who keeps going even though its hard, and they are missing out on some things they would rather be doing because you know YOLO. But isn’t YOLO kind of up for interpretation. Yes you only live once but what kind of life do you want is the question you need to ask yourself. You could spend every paycheck you get on a new car, going to fancy dinners every weekend, taking cruises and mini vacations all the time but then you haven’t saved a penny. Now your in my 30’s and want to have a family and to be able to raise them without working for someone else. Well, its looks like your “living it up” time is over now doesn’t it? I guess “You Only Live Once”  means for a One period of time? Or maybe that was some excuse someone said so they could get what they wanted at the time and everyone else is just taking out of context. Because you can no longer get what you want now because you wasted all the years blowing it instead of saving it and working towards it.

So now that we are aware of whats wrong and what needs to be changed, do it. Even if the change is only once small think at a time, that is one step closer to where you want to be. I started this blog a couple years ago in hopes it would motivate me to loose the weight I wanted to in time for our first cruise but it didn’t work because I really wasn’t willing to sacrifice. Then the next year came and we went on another cruise and I was in the same boat (lol pun intended). You know what my problem was? I was waiting to feel motivated. A few weeks ago I wrote in the post “We’re Getting Married in 4 months, 22 days!“:

You will never wake up one day and “feel like it.” Motivation doesn’t work that way. You have to just get up and do. Your body is designed to reject things it thinks is a threat to it. So you will never suddenly feel motivated to work out and eat food that you don’t think tastes good because you’ve made up your mind that you don’t like it. If you liked it then you wouldn’t be in the position you’re in now, would you?

Last night I was exhausted! I have been slacking on the videos and wanted to watch Grey’s Anatomy instead. The idea of sitting in front of a computer to finish editing a video after I was in front of one for 8 hours wasn’t very appealing (but I had my phone in front of my face watching Grey’s lol) so Robert insisted that I finish it. Then when the episode was done, he insisted some more until I finally got up and did it. I’m so glad I did because that worn out feeling went away when I saw that I was almost done and was reminded that this was for me. Side note: not only did I finish the one video, I did a second and this morning finished a 3rd video for another channel I’m trying to get going too. That’s what I call motivation. Pushing yourself to do it even when you don’t feel like it.

 Video – Love Handles with a link to a quick warm up:


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