If You Want To Eat That, Cook It Yourself

no_excuses_quoteI read an article the other day about processed foods and one line stood out to me the most (I’m going to paraphrase and to attempt to interpret it) was: If you’re going to eat junk food, make a rule to make it yourself. Slicing the potatoes and frying it yourself will be better than buying a bag of chips. So if making it yourself takes to long to do then you will be eating less and less of it.

Challenge accepted.

My husband and I go out to much and drink way to much beer but lately we have realized how much money we waste of bad food and it infuriated us. I’m a chef for crying out loud. Whatever we would order I bet ya I can do a million times better , and from scratch. I’ve worked in enough restaurant to know which one is more likely to order the pre-made, frozen and highly processed foods. You’d be surprised at how many do and how little make everything from scratch. The places that are from scratch are not the places we can afford to frequent regularly so with that being said, its time for me to kick it up a notch and spend a little more time doing what I love, cooking. Plus, Robert promised he will wash dished more.

When I did cook at home, it wasn’t that often. There is always a special going on just about every night of the week and the weekends, well… we worked so hard all week so of course we were going out. Because of this, I didn’t really keep that many things in my inventory at risk that it will go bad. I hate when food goes bad. My first challenge is finding foods to keep in inventory that I can make many types of meals with and not run the risk of it going bad before I get a chance to use it again.

Its Taco Tuesday!


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