Well, that was a short run…

It didn’t last very long now did it. My heart is broken. It is like an end of an era. Everything I trained and lived for is just flushed down the toilet like yesterdays lunch. I want to say it was fun while it lasted but it wasn’t. It was painful and I often came home crying on the couch stuffing my face with tons of IB Profin and trying to distract the pain with a plethora of episodes of The Crown (omg I can’t wait for the next season to drop!). I couldn’t even make it 3 months with out tapping out. It has defeated me. It is time for me to say goodbye to the restaurant industry once and for all.

Everything else was suffering while I had this job anyway. Our YouTube Channel (The Adventures of Apple and Rob) wasn’t getting much traffic. I didn’t have the energy to edit videos and keep up with the social media when I got home. Our Teespring stores were hardly making any sales. The house was harder and harder to keep up with. Do I need to go on?

I FINALLY settled my motorcycle accident case and wound up with a couple extra bucks in my pocket so I thought “well that should hold me over for at least 2 months.” Bare minimum living but I can at least make sure rent was paid, food was in our fridge and we were caught up on a couple credit card bills. That gave me the little push I needed to go hard on my online projects because I knew the money was going to run out fast, and it did!

I was able to catch up on all the videos I needed to edit for the YouTube Channel. It helped bring the views back up and increased our subscribers by a couple hundred! I constantly push out more t-shirt designs for my Disney inspired Teespring store and as of yesterday launched our new website www.PassholderMagic.com!!!

We also launched a new YouTube Channel that will go with it: Cruising The Parks Our fist visit back to the parks to renew our Annual Passes will be May 18. Where we will finally meet the mods and admins of the Disney Annual Passholder Facebook group we have. Oh and that just passed 100,000 members last week!

OK now that looks like I’m bragging. I really am just proud of my accomplishments. I have been busy, really busy, so busy that I haven’t been taking care of my health as much as I wanted to and planned. Yes I did lose about 15 pounds in the past 6 months and that should be something to be proud of but in reality I am still around where I was when I started this blog  May 10, 2016… WOW almost 3 years ago.

Life is a struggle. Everyone has their thing that holds them back from what they want. Everyday for me is a struggle in the choices I make and the temptations I resist (or don’t). Yes, I accomplished a lot over the past few months but that is also a fault of mine. I focus myself on one thing and forget about everything else, like taking care of myself, exercising…

We all have our thing… we just have to find a way to work around it.


You will hear from me much sooner next time! Promise!


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