New Year’s Resolutions are BS!

It is 16 days into this new year and I still haven’t written any New Year Resolutions. You know why? Because they are bullshit. Every year countless people fall victim to the BS of deciding to make changes in your life when this particular day comes around. But what about the rest of the year? There is always an excuse and I hate to say I fall victim of it every time. I wanted to join the gym 2 months ago when I walked into the bedroom, looked at my husband and said “enough is enough!” I had just come back from my OBGYN appointment and she said I am the same weight I was 2 years ago. “Let’s just join a gym already, let’t do it together” I insisted, “your tummy is starting to stick out too so we can motivate each other!” A month passed and we just wouldn’t budge from our routine. I get up, make breakfast and coffee, he leaves for work, I go straight into my home office where I only come out for lunch. Then Rob comes home around 6, we eat dinner in front of the TV, and then go to bed where we play on our phones for another hour before we go to sleep.

I had it up to here (places hand above my head) with the excuses. So, Rob suggested we start at the beginning of the year. Great, that will give us time to go through the holidays and for the time being, we can do our best to adjust our diets a little more. I will give ourselves a little bit of credit though. We hardly eat out at all anymore and I really did stick to my plan of not eating something unless I make it myself from scratch. That pumpkin cheesecake I made for Thanksgiving was out of this world because I even roasted fresh pumpkin to make it. This method really slows down the crap eating because you will never see canned anything in my house.

Another month passed, in fact, almost 2 now and we haven’t joined the gym. We talked about it a lot but we’re still not finished watching all 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy and then Baby Yoda had to come into the picture so we religiously watched The Mandalorian every Friday night.

I love my husband, I really do but sometimes you have to count on yourself. He’s that skinny guy with a fast metabolism everyone hates. He couldn’t get fat if his life depended on it so weight loss isn’t a journey he can relate to, let alone know how to encourage. So I sat in front of the mirror one day after he left for work doing the usual self inflicted pain routine we all do, and I just stood there with just the sound of my own thoughts wandering. “What am I doing?” I repeated to myself. “What the hell am I doing?” I’ve completely let myself go.

I get up, make breakfast and coffee, he leaves for work, I go straight into my home office where I only come out for lunch. Then Rob comes home around 6, we eat dinner in front of the TV, and then go to bed

Where in that dreadful routine does it say anything about me? Where does it say anything about taking care of myself? I sit in front of a computer all day long and do what feels like nothing of importance. I’ve fallen into the same thing I hated most about working at the office. I swore to everyone and especially myself that I would lose weight immediately after quitting and deciding my health was more important than anything. Oh man did I lie to myself. I changed nothing…. until yesterday of course.

As I was staring in front of that mirror chastising myself, I also reminded myself that the reason I completely re arranged the furniture in my house and gave up having a dinning room was to not only give myself a proper office that was separated from the dinning room but it was also to have a nice open space where we put the TV and couch. So I would have enough room to work out at home.

There are no more excuses. I am the sole reason why I am not where I want to be in life. Everything is in fact all my fault. The way I react to people is my choice, adding another handful of pasta and cheese to my food is my own doing, not taking better care of myself is all me and I really need to acknowledge it, own it and most importantly, change it!


I almost want to yell AMEN as I was writing those last few sentences. Tell me is something like this is or has happened to you and what you did to change it. I’d really love to hear about it. Comment bellow!


Until next time!




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