Help! I’m Going on a Cruise and Need To Lose Weight!

Here we are, about to go on a cruise again and I’m still the same weight as I was when I started this blog several years ago. I keep thinking that I am enough, that my knowledge of health and exercise is enough to just lose the weight, but it is so much more than that. I can talk to people until their blue in the face about what I know about healthy cooking and working out but for some reason I just won’t actually do it. What’s so different from then and now, from when I was fit and now, so unmotivated and unfit?

It has been a couple years since we were on our last cruise.  A lot has changed in our lives since we got married and we haven’t been able to find the extra cash to book a cruise until now. It is just a short 3 day but I will take what I can get. We hardly go to Disney as much anymore either. To be honest, when our annual passes expire in May, we are going to wait a while before we renew. I dread the couple of months leading up to our sailing. I begin trying on the clothes that actually fit me and locate all the “chub rub” shorts that I have to wear under my dresses and get annoyed when only 2 pairs are actually long enough. Forget the bathing suits, I only own one pair because I generally wear shorts and a rash guard on the boat. Shouldn’t that be enough to motivate me after going on 3 cruises? To not want to feel that way anymore? You would think it’s that easy right?

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My mom and I circa 2000

What is so different from fit healthy me and now me though? A lot.

Stress is number one. High school me was only worried about whether that boy liked me or if I did bad on my English test and if my mother was home after soccer practice because she would nag me to clean my room. Now all we worry about is money and all the projects we have going on on top of everything else.

I think another big difference was accountability. My husband has been blessed with a fast metabolism and even though he gained about 50 pounds since we met, you couldn’t tell because he is over 6 feet tall. In high school I played soccer, after that I was a chef and on my feet literally all day. There was the occasional martial arts class or game of soccer with my brother’s friends trying to find a husband (lol that’s another story for another day). Then life happened and all of that was stopped. The girls didn’t take the trips to the beach anymore because of work schedules and one by one they were all getting married. Then walking downtown to the bars slowed down too because well… I grew up and didn’t drink like a fish anymore.

Work, laundry, cook, watch tv, repeat. The idea of trying to fit in a work out was exhausting because if I wanted to get to bed in time or make it to work on time I had to calculate the time it took to clean the area I wanted to use to work out, stretch, workout, cool down stretch, shower, dry my hair ect. Nah never mind, I’ll just watch another episode on Netflix.

Just on a whim I downloaded an app I kept seeing and just signed up for it and paid for the subscription and everything. I don’t know why but I just did. I think after another morning of the same routine of waking up at 7:30am, making breakfast and running to my office after I let the dogs out and kissed my husband goodbye, I was just so mad at myself. The app seemed kinda neat, it is a little customizable where after you put your info in and your goal weight, you tell it your trouble area, like your tummy or your butt, and tell it what days you want to work out on and it comes up with workout plans for you.

The app is called Weight Loss Fitness by Verv. I am sure there are many other apps that are better but this one had a lot of great revues in the app store.  So I figured I try it out.

I think a great sign of strength is realizing you need help and actually asking for it.

My trouble zone is everything really but for this purpose I assigned my abs because I like my butt and my tummy is doing this sagging thing I really don’t like.

Today’s work outs are cut up into 3 mini sessions. You are able to turn that off and only do one but for now I am going to try this out and see how it works for me.

After the first workout of the day, I was left pretty winded. The app is neat and if you want, it will play upbeat music while a video is playing explaining each work out along with a timer. Make sure you are dressed and ready with a work out mat or however you like to exercise because as soon as you hit start, it starts. The exercises are pretty basic so far, like jumping jacks, crunches and running in place. After 5 minutes it was over, I took a selfi and I was feeling pretty good. I like the little motivational quotes is shows after a work out.

I decided to combine workouts 2 and 3 while the dogs were in the yard. I didn’t get this app until the afternoon so I didn’t want to be behind. I have to say that by the very last exercise I was done. I have never felt like I wanted to vomit from a work out until today (at least I can’t remember). But after I walked it off for a minute and drank some water, I felt pretty great. I am glad I didn’t put that much thought into it or try to make a big deal about it and just did it.

Don’t forget to set up your daily work out reminders so you have something motivating you. I set mine for 8am, when the hubby leaves and before I go to my office, then noon for lunch time and the 3rd at 5pm right before he comes home from work which will give me enough time to shower and be waiting for him with a beer in hand (that’s kind of a joke but I do it ironically for him sometimes).


Here’s my post workout selfie. Hoping to see noticeable change by embarkation day.


Until next time!



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