The Truth About Being Too Overweight

Being overweight is bad for your health. I'm sure you hear that a lot from your mother, spouse, doctor or read it everywhere. I bet you think to your self "ughh! its not that easy for me, I have **insert latest excuse here**" I agree, it isn't that easy but at the end of the... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight Or Can’t Seem To Loose It

Yes the overeating, unhealthy foods and not exercising are contributing to your weight or lack of weight loss, however there are other contributing factors.   1.  You’re Not Drinking Enough Water Surprising, but true: Your heavy weight isn’t just fat. It can also be water weight. If you've been eating a particularly high-sodium diet, your... Continue Reading →

2018 Resolutions

  1.   Lose weight (duh) How long have I been doing this blog? What I have learned is that I am not as bad at writing as I thought I was. 2.   At least lose 2 dress sizes before the wedding The wedding is April 20, 2018. Do you know how ugly dresses are for... Continue Reading →

2017 Resolutions Review

My 2017 New Year's Resolutions Lose weight Take exercising more seriously Fix my car radio Stop going from 0-100 in 2 seconds Clear out the 2nd bedroom Be nicer to my mom Get the ring Find a way to make more money Learn calligraphy Get more house plants Finish what I start   Here's my... Continue Reading →

Birthday Weekend

Cruise Countdown: Day 26 41 Days To Go I needed a weekend like the one I had to get me going. And might I add that I am also very proud of myself for not over indulging in cake and other horrible treats this weekend. We had a nice dinner with my family. Not to... Continue Reading →

I Only Lost 3 Pounds?

Cruise Countdown: Day 22 45 Days To Go I secretly ran to the bathroom to weigh myself last night while Robert was reading some news article on his phone. He has been insisting I step on the scale so we can see if any progress has been made and I have been avoiding it like the... Continue Reading →

I Lost Her

Cruise Countdown: Day 13 54 Days To Go Life really gets in the way of what you want to do sometimes. That's why if you ask anyone they will say "it has to be a lifestyle not a diet." I really get it more now that I'm older. I had the freedom to do whatever... Continue Reading →

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