I Only Lost 3 Pounds?

Cruise Countdown: Day 22 45 Days To Go I secretly ran to the bathroom to weigh myself last night while Robert was reading some news article on his phone. He has been insisting I step on the scale so we can see if any progress has been made and I have been avoiding it like the... Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day

Cruise Countdown: Day 4 64 Days To Go We took my dad to a Peruvian restaurant and oh my god it was amazing. The only thing I knew about Peruvian food was this one dish an old co-worked made us that was like steak and onions over fries or something. It was great but I... Continue Reading →

We Almost Got Into A Bar Fight

Cruise Countdown - Day 3 - 65 Days To Go I spent most of Saturday morning getting 3 MRI's. The motorcycle accident was in October but I'm am still experiencing pain in my left shoulder and back. I was so relieved to see it was one of those new MRI machine's that wasn't a small... Continue Reading →

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